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Sammy Potter


University of Rochester

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

  • Dean’s Scholarship (all semesters)
  • Best Space Themed App – DandyHacks 2021

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Institute for the International Education of Students Abroad


    • Unity, Blender3D, Unreal Engine 5, Adobe Creative Suite, Git, Vim
    • NextJS, React, TypeScript, Python, C#, Java, Bash, HTML/CSS, Lua
    • Spanish (Intermediate conversational)


    Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence

    Remote Researcher

    • Developed a specialized 3D avatar system utilizing Unreal Engine 5 and Large Language Models to create a conversational Al education tool.
    • Coordinated with a multinational team of developers to integrate the 3D avatar into the application, coordinate provisioning of Microsoft Azure cloud resources, and deploy the application online.

    University of Rochester Human Computer Interaction Lab

    Research Assistant

    • Developed and tested methods for synthetic data generation for training hand tracking machine learning models using the Unity Game Engine.
    • Leveraged GPT-4 and Unreal Engine 5 to develop a virtual chatbot for teaching, job interview and conversation practice.
    • Created an interactive full stack website for the chatbot using Flask on Amazon Web Services.
    • Co-authored, published, and demoed a paper at ACII 2023 Conference(View on arXiv)

    University of Rochester | CSC 171: Intro to CS with Java

    Peer-Led Team Learning Workshop Leader

    • Led two 75-minute workshops of 12 students each per week.
    • Facilitated students to engage with course material and with each other in an interactive learning environment.
    • Produced a final research project aimed at improving the learning experience for Computer Science courses through virtual online exercises.


    Spotify Song Predictor

    • Performed data cleaning and feature selection on data from 30,000 songs over 15 attributes.
    • Trained a Decision Tree Classifier and a Gradient-Boosted Tree Classifier in Python to classify songs as hits or flops based on song attributes.
    • Developed a front-end to allow users to interact with and test our model’s performance.
    • Prepared and delivered a presentation on our results, winning ‘best presentation of the day.

    SpaceScape | DandyHacks 2021

    • In a 3-person team, developed a two-player 2D space shooter with a custom physics & collision engine in Lua.
    • Developed a working knowledge of Lua during the 48-hour event.

    Campus Leadership Activities

    Google Developer Student Club

    Tech Team Member, E-board

    • Introduced prospective developers to software development through weekly general member meetings.
    • Led a workshop teaching basic command-line skills to new CS students.